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Stack Jump Blocks 2019 Android Download  


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Stack Jump Blocks 2019 Android Download

This incredibly fun endless jumping time-waster will have you pulling your hair our as you forget that left is right. Well, at least 50% of the time.

With new characters released every week, it'll be hard getting up for work, or caring what your neighbor has to say when you jump and jump; making sure you're training your brain's reaction and processing time, while yelling at how unfair life is when you hit yellow instead of red, one jump before beating your all-time record!

Already featuring 40 cute and cuddly characters, we've got an endless color path for everyone. Each is priced reasonably, using in-game blocks you pick up on your journey. The best bit here? Bits spawn every few blocks, so for those Clashing over their wallets, you aren't missing out!




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